Raha Day talks to Kiki

Rahaday: Looking back at your fashion career, when do you exactly start to engage yourself into fashion?
Looking back in my carrier I had started since I was young but as a career I started in year 2004.
Rahaday: Tell us the lil secret behind your printed tops?
There is no secret behind my printed tops; it’s just an idea I came up with since I started my boutique.
Rahaday: Any plan of men designs?
For the man designs I can't tell now but you never know I may come up with some in the future.
Rahaday: Most of your designs are made from local material kitenge,why kitenge and not kanga and batik?
I prefer Kitenge for different reasons, one being that the kitenge material itself is better in quality, but I also use Khanga and batiki, with me it’s a mix, so if in the future don't be suprised when I use silk and other materials.

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