Happy Women's Day

God Created A Woman.He Brought Her Onto This Earth
To Play Various Vital Roles.Till Her Last Breath!!

She Plays As A Kid,.Adopts Her Mom's Way of Living
Respects Her Fellow Beings,Hugs Her Dad And Mom Very Frequently.

She Plans For Her Future.Well In Advance, Draws A Map
of How To Shape Her Career,And What Kind of Job Suits Her ??

After Certain Number of Years,She Plans & Thinks, How To
Adjust With New Family She Gets,And How To Be With Them.

Continuing Her Personal Life,Journey Being A Daughter, Sister
And, Moves On To Be.The Wife, Then Mother
Then, Sister-In-law, Aunt,,Mother-In-Law......

Women's Are Physically,And Mentally Strong.......
They Can Sustain Any Sort,of Problems...They Are The 
Best Encouragers On This Earth.

They Cry To Burst Out,Their Feelings, Sorrows, 
Pains, Hurts And Increase ,Their Will Power By Smiles
And Laughter :) :) 

Happy women's Day 
to all the beautiful women in the world,
You are blessed!


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