My son's 5th bday party @ Serena Hotel

 Bday boy Jameel

Jameel 'Iron man'

Jahsh had to stand on the red carpet just for a min for his brother's bday..awesome







Sebastian with JQ

Dereck and Jayden

Sophy with kids



Jahsh with aunty Dai

Jahsh with aunty B

 Zarina with mommy

 YJ with mommy

Zarina with daddy

Rawa with daddy

He is my first love,my joy,my life,my everything n Fausta

Jameel with fam

Kiki n Madina

Sam n Kiki

Cynthia,Kiki n Jennifer


I love kids

Set up

Kids chairs 

Playing area

                                                                     Painting time

Kids playing

 Ashraf,Bihito n Madina

Maliq,Zarina and Abdul

Jameel playing

Spiderman with kids 

 Kids were busy playing

Jameel with friends

 Spiderman playing with kids 

 Food time

 Iron man cake

Cake,cake,cake for his lil brother

 Nacky was busy taking pictures "mpiga picha'Lol

Sebastian's mom,Fau n sophy

 Kiki,Nacky,Doreen and Sean

Lorna n Kiki

 Fausta n Sophy

Joseline and Chaya

Ashura and Burure

Jullie n Jo

Momo, J,Q n RJ

Give away time

Group pic on the red carpet

 Namfue n Q.."mtu na mchumba ake" wink

Fausta,Jahsh n Kiki

 Cynthia,Kiki n Jenn

 Sam,Mariam.Maddy,Lene,Kiki n Lorna

Thanks to all who manage to come and celebrate this day with us,
It meant a lot to Jameel and family,God bless you,it was a wonderful day!
Much Love
Theme:Iron man
Decoration:Hilda 0784 670 932
Photographer:Hamis 0754 483182


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