LEAK:New Curved Phone

LEAK: New Curved Phone

LG Electronics 6 Inch Curved Smartphone ‘G Flex’ to Release Next Month

October 22, 2013 – LG Electronics, a global technology leader in consumer electronics and home appliances is pleased to announce that the G Flex 6inch curved smartphone will release in November.  

Aleaked photo of the LG G Flex curved smartphone.

Rumors that LG is set to release a curved smartphone are confirmed! LG has admitted that "bendable and unbreakable" smartphone displays are already in production. The flexible panel is similar to a regular OLED display, but is built on plastic substrates instead of glass, allowing LG to set it in a concave curve. The screen will measure 6 inches diagonally, and will be the world's slimmest and lightest smartphone.
The Verge, an IT media company, published leaked photos of LG Electronics curved smartphone G Flexalong with its release news.
The G Flex is a competing model to Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Round released last week. The G Flex shown in the photo is curved from top to bottom. On the other hand, the Galaxy Round curves from left to right. 
The Verge reported that LG Electronics will release Google’s reference phone Nexus 5 first, then introduce the 6 inch G Flex sometime next month.
A Korean associate said “it is very likely that the G Flex will be released next month and that it’ll be 6 inches in size,” and added, “Since the G in G Flexsignifies the LG Electronics premium smartphone line, the G Flex is probably going to be a flagship model.”

A front view of the LG G Flex curved smartphone.

Side view of the LG G Flex.


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